Equality, Diversity and Mental Health

This one day course will cover Equality, Diversity, Human Rights and Mental Health and how they inter-relate with each other. Increasingly popular with employers, already working with employees experiencing mental ill health,  this course will also look at the issues raised and in particular instances, enabling colleagues and managers to better understand  employees with particular mental health and related issues.

It will help colleagues to have a greater understanding of how and why that person is affected and be better placed to offer the appropriate support without jeopardising their own mental well-being.

The course will cover:

  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
  • Stigma, Discrimination and Harrassment
  • What is Mental Health in the Workplace?
  • Problems at Work

How Mental Health affects:

  • The worker
  • The worker/carer
  • The colleague
  • The Manager
  • The Business
  • The Equality Act and Resonable Adjustments

Delivering for Wellbeing

Our purpose is to educate, inform and enthuse everyone to challenge the stigma and discrimination that is prevalent in today's society around mental ill health.