Drugs and Alcohol Awareness

This one day course will look at the growing issue of Substance misuse in the workplace.  In today's stressful working conditions people are succumbing to physical and emotional health problems, which inevitably will lead the person to seek respite from the issue.  This may lead to someone self-medicating or over- using prescribed medications to the detriment of their job.

The course will offer an understanding of the issues and how the knowledge within may enhance the ability to support  and retain someone with such a problem.

The course will cover:

  • Why training on Drugs and Alcohol?
  • Scottish policy and Legislation applicable to Substance Misuse
  • What is substance misuse? and how Substance misuse affects lives
  • Drugs and Alcohol -  impact in the workplace
  • Policies
  • Testing
  • What is substance misuse
  • Addictions and Treatments
  • Problems at Work: the role of the Employer
  • Recovery

Delivering for Wellbeing

Our purpose is to educate, inform and enthuse everyone to challenge the stigma and discrimination that is prevalent in today's society around mental ill health.