Combat PTSD and Trauma

PTSD is a condition that affects people for various reasons, if they have experienced a traumatic event in their lives, they may show signs of this condition short term or for others it may become a chronic condition.  

Combat PTSD is specific to members of the armed forces who have experienced Trauma due to their service experience and in today's society we are more likely to meet someone who may have this condition.  With more people becoming a reservist in the armed forces, you may find that a Reservist in your workforce who has seen active service has probably experienced trauma. 

This 1 day course will give an understanding of what Combat PTSD is and how it can impact on the individual and those around them, enabling anyone close to or working with someone affected by it to better understand, relate and interact with the person.

The Course will cover:

  • What Trauma is
  • What is PTSD
  • What is Combat PTSD
  • The Military Mindset and the part it plays
  • Understanding how it affects the person
  • Supporting someone
  • Supporting someone in distress


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